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 Club Genesis

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Kalie Dekin
Kalie Dekin

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PostSubject: Re: Club Genesis   Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:14 am

Kalie pulled a huge set of keys from her pocket and unlocked the double wooden doors across from the exit from the dinning hall with an elaborate wave.

"I declare this dance hall open!" She grinned and swept the doors wide.

In the far corner of the room taking up all the available space on the raised dais was the DJ. At Kalie's words he flicked some switches and music boomed out from the huge speakers scattered around the room. Kalie had told him before hand to kick this party off with a bang so the DJ had thought it best to start with some fast paced, techno-ish music which spurred the blood and made the feet dance.

The room itself was decorated with Christmas lights along with red and green streamers, with a bit of tinsel chucked in too. Kalie hadn't noticed the Christmas-y decorations straight away though. Upon opening the doors her attention had immediately been caught by the pulsing, spinning, and flashing lights in the roof which moved in time with the music and only added to the instinct to dance.

But people could not dance forever and as such there were comfy couch chairs spread around the sides of the room just off the dance floor. In the corners there were groups of these chairs huddled around so that 4 or more people could sit and try to chat over the music.

"One down, one more to go." Kalie muttered to herself and walked off further down the hallway.

The doors for the dance hall remained open though for any of the party-goers who wished to dance.
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PostSubject: Re: Club Genesis   Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:08 pm

'''Move out of the way!''

The DJ, with a big WOAH! was veered off the stage by some sort of strange mechanism. In seconds, people saw another DJ. He took the earphones and started to spin a bit of different music. A very unorthodox combination of christmas songs with a huge disco beat. He grabbed the microphone, and shout out:

''DJ Vodka Comrade is in the building!''

It could only be one man, and if you looked very well, you could see it very well. A weird Russian, dressed in a classy suit without jacket stood there, vibing to the music, pumping the speakers and flashing the lights. It was funny to see him go loose like that, and people feared it a little bit, but it seemed clear for the moment. No explosions, no bagpipe music, just a very catchy tune and perfectly synchronized hardware. Seemed the Russian could do the trick.
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Club Genesis
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