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 Headquarters Perimeter

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PostSubject: Headquarters Perimeter   Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:49 pm

The outer perimeter of the Resistance Headquarters. Every trustworthy member has patrolling duty to make sure nobody is coming in without a fight. Quite a more dangerous job, especially because it's not just a guard duty. There is no way to simply engage trespassers, and those that are a danger need to be taken out as silently if possible to avoid the many eyes and ears of the government to be alerted.

Jackson had previously asked if Emma wanted to join him. Walking inside the armory and the depressing halls or walking outside, in a nice calm set of grassy hills and trees. It was a quiet night and that was only for the better. It was a full moon and the stars were shining bright. Jackson took a deep breath, in and out, and stood there for a second, looking at the moon with Emma.

''Beautiful isn't she?''

He never knew if the moon was actually a she, but he preferred it this way. The moon was gentle in his eyes, soothing with it's light and would not be the cause of anything painful. The sun was much better at that. Jackson sat down in the lush grass, and looked at the scenery in front of them. He had left his minigun at the armory, it would be unwise to walk with a very heavy and shiny gun that also makes a lot of noise. His (now silenced) M-16 was much more suited for this job.

''I hope Judah never touches this land. It's nice...If it weren't for patrol duty I'd lie down for a second and continue stargazing..How about you?''
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PostSubject: Re: Headquarters Perimeter   Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:57 am

Ema walked silently with Jackson out to the perimeter of the HQ. It was not an awkward silence, but rather a silence where both parties simply enjoyed being close to each other without the distraction of words. Emma closed her eyes momentarily and savored the feeling of fresh air on her face. It smelled strange and foreign to her, so used to the smoke and dust of battle and the still dry air of the underground as she was. A wave of hate flowed over Emma as she realized Judah had not stopped at simply destroying her life and the lives of those she loved, then forcing her into hiding and living like a rat in the dark. But now he had also stolen something Emma had never even thought could be taken, he had stolen the air from her. Emma's eyes flashed as a wave of heat rolled of her. What else could he take from her?! She had nothing left!

But just as Emma was about to burst into flames in her anger Jackson spoke. Reminding Emma that Judah had not taken everything from her just yet. She still had Jackson.

The fiery anger in Emma simmered down into nothingness as Emma turned her blue eyes up to Jackson's face. He too seemed to be absorbed in his own thoughts, just his were slightly less fiery than Emma's.

''I hope Judah never touches this land. It's nice...If it weren't for patrol duty I'd lie down for a second and continue stargazing..How about you?'' Jackson asked without turning to look at Emma, his eyes still fixed upon the soft silvery glow of the moon.

Emma smiled and linked arms with him.

"You know i feel the same way." She replied simply and lent her head against Jackson's arm. The peaceful moment would not last for long, they never did. But Emma would try to enjoy it for as long as she could. Jackson helped keep her sane. Without him Emma was sure she would of done something stupider than normal in her anger and she probably wouldn't be alive today. Jackson was her life line to stability. It was only when she thought of him that Emma could control her temper. It was only for him that Emma didn't let the fire consume her.

Emma clung just that little bit tighter to Jackson. She would continue to fight, and continue to win, for him.

((sorry got a bit ramblely at the end there Razz))


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PostSubject: Re: Headquarters Perimeter   Fri Dec 25, 2009 2:47 am

''I think my legs just gave out. Can't get up.''

Jackson looked at Emma while stroking her hair gently, and keeping her in his arms. He smiled, and of course, there was nothing wrong with his legs. Jackson had a strong sense of duty, but even if so unlikely him, he couldn't simply get up and get going, he was here, on a quiet grass hill, with the person that was the most important to him. In her, he would see the true him. And come whatever may, but if he would get lost as much as he would everytime he looked into her gorgeous eyes, then the world could go to hell for all he would care. He held her in his arms, and sighed.

''I guess it would be nice if you could stop time. Why'd you choose fire power?''

Jackson huffed at his own words and before Emma would blast him with a surge of pure heat, corrected himself.

''On second thought, I'll never be cold like this. I could call you Fireplace instead of Firefly, but then I'd be opening the doors to a lot of Juggernaut metaphors.''

A moment to last forever, Jackson looked into Emma's eyes again, and this time, he forgot where he was. As if Emma had a trick up her sleeve and did stop time. The moon shined into her eyes, giving them even more of a sparkle then usual, and Jackson did honestly not know if he was dreaming or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Headquarters Perimeter   

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Headquarters Perimeter
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