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 Judah's Office, Floor 50.

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Alyss Ray
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PostSubject: Judah's Office, Floor 50.   Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:09 am

Alyss breathed in heavily as she approached the wide dark corridor that led to Marshall's office.
It was a long corridor made entirely of a shiny black metal, with strong white lights attached to the walls and a deep red carpet leading up to a simple black door.
She took in a deep gulp and began to walk up the corridor, her heart pounding faster and faster. The fear in her head was raging and ideas span through her head so fast that a sickness crept over her and she felt faint. Closer.
Her hand touched the door knob, but she stood back and remembered to knock. Rapping four times with her knuckles on the dark metal she took a step back and waited for Judah to answer, her throat closing up and nausea washing over her.

She had met Judah a couple of times before and remembered him mainly for the sense of power he carried around with him. And his looks.
The first time she had ever met him she was stunned by how good-looking a leader of such a high power could be. Young and naive as she was, she remembered blushing when he looked at her and said he was giving her a special mission, because she was capable. Because he took a shine to her.
Alyss had literally glowed in pride at this point. This beautiful leader gave her respect and she loved that about him. He thought she was special.
Maybe that's why she felt so sick now, because she had let him down. And he wasn't going to let her get away with it, she knew that for a fact.
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Judah's Office, Floor 50.
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