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 Keaton (Omega) Matthews

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Keaton Matthews

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PostSubject: Keaton (Omega) Matthews   Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:42 am

Name: Keaton Matthews

Nickname/ Codename: Omega

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Affinity: Undecided

Face claim: ~Logan Lerman

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc: Keaton Matthews AKA Omega can generate force fields and large amounts of energy. This energy can be used to enhance different parts of his body as well as be shot like a laser gun. If he makes the energy flow go down to his legs it will make him run faster and kick harder and if he changes the flow to his arms then he can hit harder. He also uses this energy to fly and can uses force fields to life people from the ground and use that as a use of transport.

Keaton Matthews has one extreme main weakness. The Genesis Project created a special serum that completely cuts of Omegas Energy flow. Causing him not to be able to use his powers. This can be extremely dangreous if he gets shot in midair. This serum will work for around 3 hours per shot. If shot multiple times it will just keep adding up.

History/Description: Keaton Matthews was captured three months after this program started. He was kept in a training camp that specially delt with force field wielders. They trained him to have complete control over force fields. They also gave him a shot of a special serum every night to prove that they had control over him. Every other week Keaton and a couple other force fielders would be taken out of camp to another facility to train with them. Keaton got into a fight with a shape shifter the shape shifter cut his right arm and he now has a permement scar. Keaton Matthews did not believe in the Genisis preject but felt there wasn't really any other way. Untill he learned of another power that links to the Force Fields. He learned that he could condense energy in different parts of his body which would cause them to go into overload creating extremely fast legs or extremely strong arms. One night exactly two and a half years after his capture he decided to escape. He stored up as much energy in his arm as possible so when given the dosege he can lesson the effect. It worked instead of shutting his powers off for three hours it only worked for one. He then escaped by running full speed into the wall then condensing his energy to his head. He blasted a hole through the wall and escaped. They did not know of this power and wasn't ready for it. Keaton Matthews has been on the run since.

Uniform/Appearance: Keaton Matthews wears blue jean pants, A short sleeved shirt with a dark blue O in the middle and a pair of blue and white sneakers.

Personality: Keaton Matthews is generally positive. But he can turn deaedly serious if you tick him off. He will do almost anything to save people from the genisis project even if that includes sacrificing himself. He didn't have hope early on but when he discovered his new abilities he decided that there was still hope. And he should never give up on anything.
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Keaton (Omega) Matthews
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