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 Issac Thule (Shrapnel)

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Codename: Shrapnel, or Shrap
Sex: Male
Allegiance : Resistance

PostSubject: Issac Thule (Shrapnel)   Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:04 am

Name: Issac Thule

Nickname/ Codename: Shrapnel, or Shrap

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Affinity: Resistance fighter

Face claim: Random dude in a camo suit.

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc:
-A modified M107 .50 Caliber Special Application Scoped Rifle SASR.
-Desert Eagle pistol.
-Various traps and grenades.
-Able to change loadout.
-He also has a odd ability with a Sniper Rifle, though Shrap sucks completely at close combat. His luck would most likely save him, somehow.
-Shrap is a super, but his powers are unstable. He does not know he even has them. He apparently took the shot while in the army sometime. His super powers include, Enhanced reflexes "Eagle" Eyes, Eagle Eyes is where Shrap is able to see in the dark, his eyesight is improved greatly, he is also able to turn it off or on. Due to the instability of his powers, he is not able to turn them of or off at the moment.

Issac is an orphan who was drafted into the army, before all of this happened. He was trained as a Spec Ops sniper. When he heard of all of this happening, he quit the army and went as a Solo resistance fighter. This did not go as well as he imagined, he was constantly being chased and captured. Though he would constantly escape, he was growing tired of this. He heard of the Resistance and decided to sign up.

Dark brown eyes, brown hair, muscular, has many scars, due to being interrogated.
Usually puts on face paint, as a Skull. Could be green, white, depends on the area.
When not in full body armor with a camo suit over it, he normally wears a grey tee shirt, and black sweats.

He is a funny guy, sometimes comes up with weird sayings. He jokes way too much, and is a happy guy. He knows some teachings of Buddha and follows them, He does not really believe in god. He brings up morale, even in the most scary of situations. A very good squad leader. He has lost many of his loved ones and does not like to talk about his horrid past. He does not like to think too far into the future either. He often stares out into the land scape, or stares out the window.
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Issac Thule (Shrapnel)
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