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 Darius Steele (Radiant)

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Codename: Radiant (Rad)
Sex: Male
Allegiance : Government

PostSubject: Darius Steele (Radiant)   Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:34 pm

(( EDITED) New main weapon, not that much of a change, just a new assault rifle rest is the same)

Name: Darius Steele

Nickname/ Codename: Radiant (Rad)

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Affinity: Government Agent

Face claim: Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc:

Has no powers whatsoever. He is however extensively trained in the use of firearms and close combat. He uses a variety of weapons, optics and other equipment listed further down below. This list can change depending on the situation hes facing but will generally be the same. He knows how to hide and stay out of sight, is a great tactician and works great in a team. Prefers long range combat over close, but can defend himself in both situations. His preference also goes out to indoor or urban combat. He specializes in taking out 'supers' for his employees.

Equipment list:

Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) with the following attachments availible:

* Scope
* Laser sight
* Silencer
* Flashlight
* Front Grip
* Extended Magazine
* Reflex Sight
* Grenade Launcher

M9 Beretta sidearm

* Laser sight
* Silencer
* Flashlight

MD 90 Combat Knife
Throwing Knives
Government Sunglasses with communication/Optics (Normal/Thermal/Night) and a camera feed.
C4 or Semtex explosives

As a normal human he loses some advantages over his enemies. He knows how to take a hit, but his enemies will at least be as resilient. If an enemy is immune to his weapons in some way he'll lose most of his offensive capabilities if he does not have another counter in his arsenal. Before missions he tunes his gear for the situation ahead, but this can not always be predicted. His vision optics can be deceived, or rendered useless depending on the situation (Think thermal in a room with a very high temperature). Firing while in night vision also impairs the sight, becuase of the flashes coming from the gun. (You can play with this a bit). Any power will help when fighting him, but many make the mistake of underestimating a mere human.


Darius's parents were on high positions in the early government. They assigned their son to Agent duty, and gave him the best training found in the world. His training days where long and harsh and he had to keep his family name in honor, but eventually he could call himself one of the best and graduated with a perfect score. Just before the date of his graduation his parents were killed in action by a resistance attack, so he now holds a personal grudge against them. Ever since the completion of his training, on the age of 16, he has been working solo to undermine the resistance and obey every order the board of advisors give him. His service record is as perfect as it gets, but this can change in the future. He has begun working with a partner more recently, this partner being Katsa.


Dark blonde hair falling down on either side of his head/face. Grey/Silver coloured eyes. Narrow face with no facial hair.
Casual Clothing: Suit like casual clothing in dark grey/black colours. With a dark turtleneck sweater underneath. May wears gloves, may not.
Combat suit: Retains the usual clothing he wears, but now wears a protective long leather jacket on top. This gives him some protection against natural hazards and a little against bullet fire. May also wear a bullet-proof vest underneath, depending on the mission.

(( Link to image of outfits ))


He does not negotiate with his enemies unless the situation is so bad he is forced too. He despises the resistance in all ways possible and does anything tasked against it. In combat he only speaks when necessary, and prefers to use hand signs when possible. Communications can leak, so its best to keep things personal. To his allies he is a caring man, never leaving anyone behind in any situation. Although on first sight he looks like a cold man, once introduced he'll treat them with care and respect. He cant stand cowardice however, and will handle any men around him showing any with force. Due to his time in training he's not the most socialy developed, but he tries his best. (Military is all he knows)
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Darius Steele (Radiant)
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