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 Brandon Lording (Sphere)

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Brandon Lording

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Codename: Sphere
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PostSubject: Brandon Lording (Sphere)   Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:02 pm


Brandon Lording

Nickname / Codename







Council of 12

Face claim

Random guy found on the internet || ~Link~

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc

Thanks to the Genesis shot Brandon can defy gravity in a very unique way. He is able to walk on walls and ceilings as if they horizontal. Vertical and up-side down sufaces give him no trouble at all as he can seamlessly walk along them as any normal person would on a horizontal surface. This gives him the ability to scale building and other obstacles normally best avoided. To him any surface is a way of transportation, to the amazement of others. Next to that he gained an unlimited amount of stamina. Brandon will grow tired as the day goes by, like any other person, but a whole day of running won't have any effect on his fatigue. For this reason he trains himself to become faster all the time, and this training is proving to be quite effective.

As for weapons, Brandon caries a two-handed Hsu Jian sword for the Tai Chi martial arts style (Picture) which he is able to hold an use with one hand, but mostly uses it in the traditional two-hand style. In this day and age it's unwise to come without any firepower and for that reason he also caries a full auto Glock 18 machine pistol. (Picture) His family has an extensive history in Tai Chi, which they passed on to Brandon. He is fully proficient in this martial arts style.


His abilities are rendered useless while airborne, or in a zero-gravity environment.
His obsession with round objects can also hinder him in a fight, more on this later.
Only has supportive powers, his offensive power comes from his skill in Tai Chi and his weapons.


The Lording family led a non-traditional Tai Chi acadamy in their hometown. Not being of Chinese origin made it difficult to be recognized as true martial artists but they managed to get around. Brandon was the eldest son, destined to follow in his fathers footsteps of leading the academy. For this reason he was trained in the arts of Tai Chi from a very early age. The Lording Tai Chi style focused mainly on the Hsu Jian swords, which were developed specifically for Tai Chi. He was eventually chosen for the genesis program, and his family urged him to participate.

This eventually led to him signing up, and moving to the facility. That was the last day he saw his family. The shot gave him an unusual set of abilities, complementing his martial prowess greatly. He had an unending supply of stamina, so he could fight on without ever growing a bit tired. Sneaking up on an enemy by using the ceiling also proved to be very effective. All in all, he thought he made the right choice when signing up for the project. This proved to be a wrong thought however, as it soon seemed he was bound to serve the government for the rest of his life. He didn't like that at all and wished from freedom almost immediately. His wishes were soon granted however, as he was approached by a couple of other 'First Supers'. They were planning an escape and while Brandon normally didn't converse a lot with other people, he immediately spoke his interests in this. Together the twelve of them escaped the complex and vowed to put a stop to the Marhalls doing. Brandon doesn't make a vow easily, and intends to stay until it is fulfilled.


Brandon has short spiky hair, sideburns along his ears and trimmed facial hair. He has silvery eyes, with a large scar along his left eye. Brandon stands around 6'4" tall and is quite muscular. He usually wears casual clothing, mostly black denim trousers and a dark long sleeve shirt or a sweater for the colder days. Outside he usually wears a long leather coat on top.


Being from a martial arts family he posesses a strong sense of honor and duty, and these things are clearly present in his way of speaking. He doesn't like unnecessary questions and prefers people not to speak if they don't have anything useful to say. He respects most council of twelve members, but newer members have to earn his respect. He is usually very calm and patient as is expected from him. The genesis shot gave him a peculiar liking to round objects, think ANY round object. He shows some restraint over this behaviour, but you can get him on your side or mess up his mind with a round object. He would never betray his friends or family, so don't expect him running over to the Government for that shiny round bauble. For this reason he always caries a stress relief ball with him, so he can always satisfy his need for round objects. This obsession earned him the nickname 'Sphere'.

In combat he is as ruthless as he is efficient, showing no hesitation or doubt at all. Be prepared when you face him, be it in battle or a conversation, because he does not back down easily.
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Brandon Lording (Sphere)
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