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 Jessica Hall (Caution)

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PostSubject: Jessica Hall (Caution)   Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:32 am

Name: Jessica Hall

Nickname/ Codename: Caution

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Affinity: Government

Face claim: Hayden Panettiere

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc: Jessica has the ability to absorb electricity and re-channel it into speed, offensive bursts, and electromagnetic waves. She needs to wear a pair of power wrist bands control her electrical intake and discharge. She has access to military weapons any time. Carries a dagger in her boot.

History/Description: Being the daughter of Ben Hall she didn't have to go to the training camps. She did however get the shot and received her powers. She did however go through a standard training to learn basic fighting styles and other survival skills. She spent most of her days at the training camps watching all of these “Supers” train against their will to make a super solder armies.

She watched all of them they were regular people. But they were labeled different because of what Marshall did to them. She hated watching them get hurt because that's what Marshall told them to do. She wanted to stop this but she couldn't she didn't have enough power to do so.

Once she wanted to see how it was like being in a super solider camp so she told her dad to put her in any group. Coincidentally Ventus was in that group. They soon became good friends and talked a lot in the cafeteria about stuff. Like where they came from what was it like and Ventus brought up The Council of 12. He told her everything that he heard from the guards and how they were forming a resistance. Jessica wanted to join but her dad wouldn't let her. Ventus told her that she join secretly. But she knew that there was a spy there and she might get caught (She didn't tell Ventus about that).

She took a year or so staying in the training camps getting better at controlling her powers but she still needed her bracelets. She heard that Ventus escaped from the training camps so she didn't have any reason to be there. She spent her time shopping in the city an hanging out at the government base.

Uniform/Appearance: Jessica wears a tight leather jacket over a black tank top, tight black jeans or tights and black combat boots. She also wears her wristbands to control her powers an black gloves over them. (this is only when she is fighting or trading information)

Personality: Jessica is flirtatious with everyone especially Ventus. She is full of energy all the time (more so when she absorbs electricity...literally). She tries to live her life to the fullest. (I' sorry it is short I just can't think of how to describe her.)

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PostSubject: Re: Jessica Hall (Caution)   Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:37 am

The short personality is ok because we get a good glimpse at what she is like from the history.

Approved!!! Very Happy


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Jessica Hall (Caution)
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