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 Gregory Karkarov (Pacifier)

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PostSubject: Gregory Karkarov (Pacifier)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:42 am

Name: Gregory Karkarov

Nickname/ Codename: Pacifier

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Affinity: Government Super Scientist

Face claim: Gregory House (From the House series)

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc:

Super-genius level inventor. Gregory can make and create a large variety of almost anything. It's strange that as at times, he creates things without truly understanding how it works, but he knows what it does. He is an unpredictable ace, and carries a grenade launcher around when needed, at times loaded with all kinds of stuff. This unpredictability is his biggest advantage and disadvantage. He can create chemicals or exploding shells, but in ways of efficiency, he can lack any good judgment. The serum amplified his IQ and personality. One thing though, if something goes boom, he's sold.

Some might say that he is not effected by the serum on the intellect department, but the other thing he was given certainly did. Gregory can amplify and nullify powers. He can make someone stronger or weaker, either by touch or by gaze. Both are effective, but the touch is certainly stronger then the gaze, while the gaze simply has a longer reach. He can't make powers go away, but by adapting, he can feel someone's force and curve it, making them stronger or weaker. If he tries really hard, he might even be able to shut down powers for moments, but he never went that far. It also works on normal humans. He uses it on his department members a lot, making them fast thinkers or give them more stamina for example. He can also make enemies weaker. As for example, whenever he sees an individual shooting lightning from his or her fingertips, he can nullify their power and make them shoot small mere sparks instead. They'd have to give a lot of their power to shoot some lightning again. He can't make one completely powerless forever however, and he has to try harder on some personalities or organisms.


Gregory was just a scientist with the Government, a man in a lab coat, doing his regular work. However, he never showed any emotion while working. He never allowed himself to show any. He heard about the Genesis Shot, and took it without a moment of thought. The serum changed him, giving him a special power, and a personality he held inside for so long. A lot of people wonder if he is mentally stable or just downright insane. He's a man from Russian lineage, still carrying a Russian accent, and at times, says or mumbles something ''typically'' Russian. Not a lot is known about him, and even less after he changed dramatically. Currently, he has his own department deep inside the Government Headquarters, specializing in 'problem solving'. The government doesn't like his work ethics but he gets the job done.


Wears the lab coat from his own department, at times stuffed with tubes full of chemicals. He seems to smile a lot, has a small beard, ruffled hair, and is quite tall. He rarely takes off his black sunglasses, but he has green eyes that seem to shine all the time. The sunglasses fit in the cave of his eyes perfectly, and don't allow anyone to see his eyes. He has a fedora, but that isn't all he wears. He puts all kinds of things on his head, be it a steel pot or a pillow. He uses his head as place to store things temporarily, when more troubling matters occur or he doesn't want to hold them any longer.


As said before, the serum changed Gregory forever, or pulled out what was inside all that time. Gregory is completely unpredictable, but when he's kind of ''normal'' then he is a scientist who works on inventions to solve problems. The problem he solves mostly is the Resistance, but truly, he doesn't care either way. He's on the governments side because they feed him, and he lives in his Department. He's smart, likes to joke around, and seems to be able to understand a lot. He helps people when he thinks he even should, and talks a lot. Gregory is impulsive though, and has been seen having all sorts of items on his head, from his fedora and his sunglasses to steel pots and pillows. People wonder if he pretends to be weird because he can pull it off, or if he's just a complete madman.

Being a true Russian at heart, Gregory is an admirer of Marx and although he easily sees the flaws of Communism, loves the ideals and the goal of it. Speaking of which, Gregory loves the sound of bagpipes, and is a true relentless fanatic about one thing. Explosions. People easily bring their palms to their faces when they see Gregory is a true supergenius, but wastes most of it on creating explosions. The Government however, sees the benefit in this and gave him full creative freedom, be it deeply below the ground's surface. The story goes that when they was a shoot-out going on, and Gregory created a huge explosion with one of his custom made grenade shells. He stood there, shouting and watching his own ''creation'', while even a rookie sniper could have taken his life those moments.
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Gregory Karkarov (Pacifier)
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