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 Katsa (Cat)

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PostSubject: Katsa (Cat)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:33 am


Name: Katsa

Nickname: Cat

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Allegiance: Super agent working for the government.

Sarcastic and witty. Strong willed and has a sharp tongue. However she is intelligent and calculating as well. She is straightforward, will say what is on her mind and act accordingly. She is kind and caring to those who are close to her. If you have her respect then she will follow you. She does have a bit of a temper on her that should be watched out for.

Physical appearance:
Katsa has long, dark brown hair the reaches to her bum that she wears in a long plat. Her skin is a light olive tone )this means that she has slightly tanned shin, it does not mean that she has green skin). She has one green eye and one blue eye. Katsa is well muscled and fit. She is tall (about 166cm) with a lean, graceful figure.

Preferred clothes:
Usually Katsa will wear black leggings with knee high, black boots (no heels). She wears a black leather vest that is lased, tightly up the front. On her hips she wears a two belts that over lap each other. On the thicker of the two hang a single handed long sword and two daggers. On the thinner of the two hang three pouches that contain sleeping powders and poisons. She also owns a long bow and a quiver of 15 arrows but does not tend to wear them unless it is really necessary. Usually she only carries the sword and Daggers and leaves the rest at home.

Katsa is has an instant and complete knowledge of all forms of armed and unarmed combat with out needing to train. She can use firearms but prefers to use bladed weapons (their more fun). At first it was thought that her power was to kill but is was soon discovered that her power was survival. She has always been able to kill with out a thought but she had to learn and train to be able to hold it back and simply injure her target. She has tremendous speed and when she runs at full speed, she looks like a blur. Katsas strength is greater then that of a normal woman’s which is why she is able to hold her long sword in one hand and swing it around effortlessly. Katsa is able to go days without food or water and she can live very happily off very tiny morsels of food. She is able to tell herself when to fall asleep and for exactly how long with out mistake. Katsa is able to light fires in even the wettest of places and she always knows what direction she is facing and what time it is without looking at a clock, compass or the sky. Her eye sight and hearing is five times better then a normal humans. She does not get sick.

Katsa is still able to get tired but it takes longer. Despite the greater strength her greatest advantage is her speed. Her strength is only due to the training and therefore less then a man’s would be had h been training. She can still be injured and over come it is just harder to do so. She is not impervious or indestructible. She is still human.

Personal history:
Katsa lost her parents to the resistance at the age of 15. She was taken into the care of the government and given the shot that was said to test for and possible cure cancer. It turned out that it was actually testing for people with the genesis gene and it turned out that Katsa had that gene. She gained a few very interesting abilities. Katsa was sent to a government run orphanage where she stayed for two years until she was 17 years of age. There she trained and studied to become the perfect agent, always thinking if crushing the resistance that killed her parents. At first they tried to brake her, make her obedient, saying that she needed to learn manners and so on but they soon gave up. It was becoming obvious that she would not brake, let alone bend. She started as a solo agent but was recently partnered with another agent named Darius.

((this is me: http://static.stuff.co.nz/1233108507/625/737625.jpg))


“Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood”
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Katsa (Cat)
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