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 Emma Ashton (Pyro)

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Emma Ashton
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PostSubject: Emma Ashton (Pyro)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:25 am

Name: Emma Ashton

Nickname / Codename: Emma, Em, Emzy / Pyro

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Affinity: One of the Council of 12. Also a resistance fighter.

Face claim: Alexis Bledel

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc:
Emma can create and control fire. As a bonus of this, when Emma uses her powers, since the fire comes from her, she is not burned by it. The possibilities of her powers are endless so i will not mention them all here. Suffice to say that anyway you can imagine fire can be manipulated, Emma can do it.

Emma also has several weapons on her at all times in case circumstances aren't suited to her using her powers. (for example - if she was in a room rapidly filling with gas). These weapons include two short swords which are mounted inside the two black leather wrist and forearm guards she wears. The blades are spring mounted so when Emma wants the blades to extend out of the guards, over the top of her wrists, and pointing onwards, she must merely pressed the hidden trigger button on the underside of her wrist guards, in easy reach of her fingers. She is deadly when using these blades.

Emma also has two Glock hand guns that she "borrowed" from the police back when she was first activated. These are mounted in holsters on her hips. She is skilled in using these as well , but prefers not to going for her blades before these.

Emma has one more weapon which is a thin silver dagger stored in her right boot in case of emergencies.

There are flaws to Emma's fire powers. The extent of her control over the flames are reliant on her own stamina. If Emma is tired or wounded the fire she conjures will not be as fierce as fire she could conjure when she is healthy. This is why Emma places so much effort into keeping in the best shape possible.

Emma grew up in a relatively wealthy family. She lived in comfort, but not excess. She was rather close to her older brother Matthew, that whole sibling rivalry thing just didn't seem to apply to them. They got tested for the Genesis Gene together, and they took the shot to supposedly suppress the gene together too. Naturally they gained their powers at the same time as well. President Marshall ordered them to be picked up and put in the Genesis program immediately.

Emma excelled. She passed all the tests with flying colors, well flying reds to be exact, she usually just reduced the obstacles to ashes. She moved quickly up through the ranks, as did several others she knew from her high school. But Emma realized she really wasn't enjoying what Marshall was turning her into, a killing machine. She decided to fight back. Secretly she met with several other soldiers in training and they agreed with her. The 12 of them settled on an agreement. They would break out of the training facility and start a resistance to oppose the dictatorship that was Marshall's rule.

And that was exactly what they did. The 12 were the best of the Best of the original group of Genesis experiments. No one could stop them, not now that they were working together. Amazingly they managed to escape without any loss of life on either side and retreated into hiding. They never stayed in one place to long in case Marshall managed to activate someone who had the power to track them. As time passed the council of 12 as they came to call themselves launched attacks on Marshall's super soldier forces. They brought many to their cause and swelled their ranks. As the fighting grew more intense the aim of the group shifted into all out war on the Dictatorship. The ultimate goal, to kill Judah Marshall.

Uniform/Appearance: Emma has long, wavy, redy-brown hair which goes alight when she uses her powers, as do her deep brown eyes. Her skin is well tanned and her body well toned. She is slightly taller than average and extremely fit. Her smile lights up her whole face and is infectious to those around her. She tends to wear tight fitting black clothes that not only get rid of the need to get changed into camouflage gear before going on a mission, but they also accentuate her athletic figure. Her favorite outfit is her black cotton V-neck T-shirt, black hoodie jacket, black cargo pants, and black combat boots. As stated back up in abilities/powers Emma also has thick black leather wrist guards that extend up to her elbow and each contain short swords. On her hips there are two holstered handguns which are also all black. and to top it off, in her right boot there is a thin silver dagger stored in case of emergencies.

Personality: Emma is impulsive and emotional, but not in a bad way. Her emotions reflect her powers. She can change from being happy and laughing, to deadly serious, hair blaze, in a split second. Usually she is energetic and happy. It is hard to keep her sitting still for long, but when the need calls for it, she can be quieter than the rock she's couching behind. The years of fighting have left their mark on her. Emma is a natural leader now and takes charge of a situation without pause. She expects people to follow her lead and trust her judgment, after all she is a veteran of the battlefield now. Emma is not always business though. Usually she is relaxed and happy. She can find something to laugh at in any situation and has a fondness for practical jokes.


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Emma Ashton (Pyro)
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