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 Alyss Ray.

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Alyss Ray
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PostSubject: Alyss Ray.   Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:02 pm

The Day of the Genesis Shot. Alyss's Apartment

The sunrise filtered through the blinds that they couldn't be bothered to shut last night. They hadn't really had the time.
Alyss looked up from the duvet entanglement that was covering her and across at the man she loved. Darren's hair was tousled in a messy wave that shone a deep brown in the light of the morning. His face was in a dream, his handsome face creased up in a frown. Alyss leant forwards and kissed his nose softly, smiling widely. His eyes opened and a smile brushed over his face. He rolled over, taking her underneath him and pressed his hands down on her shoulders.
"Morning!" she squealed.
"Morning darlin'." he replied, running a hand through his hair. Alyss grinned at him and kissed his full lips, enjoying the feeling of the curve of his cheekbones against hers.
She giggled and rolled out from underneath him, leaving him falling flat on his face.

"So what have you got planned for today?" he asked, resting on his elbow.

"Well, I'm going for that Genesis Cancer Shot thing, then to work." she replied, beginning to get dressed.
She pulled on a black mini skirt and dark navy tights, with a red polo shirt and red shoes. Sweeping her deep orange hair back into a ponytail, she kissed Darren goodbye before moving towards the door.
She felt some arms grip around her waist as Darren pulled her backwards and kissed her again before letting her go. "Miss you already."

She giggled and headed outside towards the Genesis Centre.

Government Building. 8AM

There was a short queue at this time of morning for the shot. Alyss was next in line for the strange door that was placed at the end of the huge white room. The people went in, but they didn't come out this way...she thought there must be a door on the other side. She heard her name called and got up, brushing down her skirt.

The room inside was a stark white colour, with a simple grey hospital set up. Alyss plonked herself down on the bed and looked up at the Doctor who was attending her. He placed his cold hands on her arm and took a large needle, filled with orange liquid, from the counter. Alyss shut her eyes and felt the tiny prick of the needle enter her arm.

The instant the liquid touched her blood stream, a fire ran through her veins. Alyss screamed and shot up onto her feet. "I'm blind! Oh GOD!" she screeched, clawing her skin.
She dropped to her knees as her heart rate doubled, tripled. It felt as if it would pound out of her chest.
The attending doctor yelled out and tried to hold the girl up. He quickly picked her up and placed the struggling girl on the bed, as she screamed and retched. Her eyes were flickering back and forth, but the Doctor could see that there was only black there, no longer any white.
As the girl stopped moving the Doctor moved forwards and felt her pulse. Nothing.

Just as he pronounced the girl dead, she shot up, her eyes entirely black. Alyss turned her head towards the Doctor and looked down at her hands, seeing her skin slightly shinier than before. "W-what just happened?" she stammered.
She stopped talking, hearing something in her head. Once. Twice. A rhythmic pounding that seemed to come from the Doctor. It was driving her mad.
The noise seemed to crescendo to a point where it seemed as if Alyss could not take anymore and she shot forwards and grabbed hold of the Doctor. She noticed the increase in speed that had changed her. As well as the large amount of strength that forced the Doctor into the opposite wall.

Still the drumming in her head. She pounced onto him and something in her mouth changed. Two large fangs dropped down from her teeth and she let out a large hiss as she slammed them into his neck.

As the blood touched her lips she felt an aura of calm surround her, the most wonderful feeling she had ever felt. As she heard a door behind her open, she knew her fate now.
She was part of the Genesis Experiment Success.


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Alyss Ray.
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