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 Keaton Matthews

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Keaton Matthews
Keaton Matthews

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PostSubject: Keaton Matthews   Fri Jan 15, 2010 5:26 am

((I really liked what Alyss did so i decided to try one myself.))

Keaton was lying in bed when his alarm went of. It was monday morning the first day of school for the week anyway. He took the alarm and threw it at the ground. "Stupid fucking alarm." His mom knocked on the door. "Keaton breakfast is ready everybody is already eating you better hurry before its all gone." "No thanks mom. not hungry i will just grab a pop tart or something." He slowly got out of bed he looked in the mirror. His bright green eyes showed under his messy hair. He went across the hall to take a shower. When he was finished with the shower he got out and dryed off. He put on a green short sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Threw on a necklace with a little omega pendant on. His dads old fraternity necklace. Keaton liked it alot. He slid down the banister for breakfast. He hit his head on the ceiling. [color=blue]"Fuck!"/color] "Keaton that is a dollar for the swear jar." His mother always tried to make him pay for cursing but keaton barely ever put any money in. "I will put the money in later." Keaton walked into the kitcheon grabbing a couple pop tarts and thowing them in the toaster. "Dean remember we have to get the shot thingy today. I think they are handing them out at school. I heard the thing they inject looks really cool." Dean just nodded and went back to eating. The pop tarts dinged and keaton walked out of his house.

At school-----

Keaton was waiting outside the nurses office on a small plastic chair. A couple of his classmates were there but no one he really knew. When they called his name he got up and walked into the room. The docter rubbed his arm then injected the needle. It was orange they were right it is cool. Thats when he felt. A major headache came over him. There was a blue glow coming from his hands the docter took a step forward but couldn't for some reason. Keaton grabbed his head in pain and yelled out in agony. Then he slumped unconcious on the floor. When he woke up he was in the back of a army truck driving to the compound.
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Keaton Matthews
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