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 New Beginnings }{ Twlight AU

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PostSubject: New Beginnings }{ Twlight AU   Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:25 am

It Has Been 75 Years Since The Volturi Coven Has Visited The Cullens And Their Allies In Forks Forest Concerning The Matter Of The Hybrid Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Now Back In The United States After Spending Several Decades Over In Europe And Asia, The Cullens And A Few Of The Quileute Wolves Have Settled Down In One Of The Most Supernatural Towns In The History Of The U.S.A.

Their New School Is A Place Where The Supernatural Is Embraced With Little To No Fear Among The Human Population. It Is Actually Accepted But There Are Underlining Powers And Guides At Work. One Of These Guides Being The Volturi Coven Who Have Several Of Their Guards Attending The Academy To Ensure Smooth Operation But Also Look For New Talent Among The Attending Vampiric Students. New Adventures Await The Cullens And The Wolves, But Trouble Is Lurking In Night And A Compromising Twist That Just Might Leave Two Of The Cullen Members With An Important Decision To Make.


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New Beginnings }{ Twlight AU
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