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 The Naga Corporation

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PostSubject: The Naga Corporation   Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:25 pm

Naga. A Japanese name in between a lot of American companies. The name was not the only thing that was different. Every single building looked just like what you would expect of it. Grey. Dull. Stiff. Boring. Just like most of the men working in those building.

The Naga Corporation had a quite different approach in this. It looked white, had their logo up in front, a heli-pad on the side...and Tenguzaemon's penthouse on top. Despite all this it was one of the most heavy guarded building ever, requiring several passes and DNA test/scans before you could even enter the guest section.

Among other sections are the Tech Department, The Dojo and of course, The Penthouse. Tenguzaemon prefers it this way, as it is adorned just like it was at home. Modern, but it still looked like the buildings from the Feudal Age. Every technological thing in that house was disguised or was constructed withing the wooden pillars, bars, or even close to Tenguzaemon's throne. From here he would issue his orders, talk to followers and have guests.
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The Naga Corporation
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