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 ''A Russian Screw Up''

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PostSubject: ''A Russian Screw Up''   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:36 am

(A small story feating a slightly off-character Gregory)

''A Russian Screw Up''

Boss: ''So Gregory, it's this Wednesday right?''

Gregory didn't reply. He knew very well his birthday was coming up next week, and his boss knew it too. He never did feel much for his own birthday, but it seemed that becoming 30 was so important that his entire family, and the family of his wife was flying in from all over the nation. But, as it always went, he had to work until that very day. Doctor Gregory Karkarov is one of the top doctors in the General Hospital, and one of the most sarcastic. It was also clear that he would have enough company with one bottle of wodka, but his wife didn't want to hear anything about it.

Gregory: ''Yes sir. It's all going to be fun. Chocolate cake, screaming kids, and to top it off, Russian Roulette. And here's the cracker, I fill ALL the chambers with bullets. That way, everybody wins!''

His boss huffed and walked away with a sharp grin. It seemed Gregory was like his usual self. He screwed around with the interns or rookies as he called them, had sarcasm as one of his top priorities, and knew exactly how everything worked. However, there was one facet he would like about this special day, and it just walked into the hospital. It was the brother of his wife, and Gregory's best friend. One of his only friends actually, as dear to him as Dan was to his own sister. The only person that understood Gregory at 100%, and still having fun every minute of the day. Couldn't be anything but an off-track guy himself.

''Howdy lab-coat. Where'd you take the doc and his faithful bottle?''

Gregory looked to his side to see which jackass was trying to make fun of the king, but the expression on his face changed instantly as he recognized the voice and the appearance. It was Dan, his wife's brother.

Gregory: ''Where the hell did you come from!''


Dan: ''You should have seen the look on your face.''

Gregory: ''One together then? Can't get better then that.''


Dan stepped next to Gregory and held his camera up. Gregory smiled fond. A true smile. Dan always carried his camera around. Gregory remembered how he would take the damn old thing where ever he went. Dan had been diagnosed with Leukemia. After he was cured by Gregory and his colleagues, Dan had suddenly disappeared. Gregory's wife had told him he was on a journey around the world. He was cured of the cancer and wanted to enjoy life. Gregory looked at Dan in a way that only he could. Cancer was a disease you would want to check on every now and then to make sure it would not return, and he knew fully well that Dan hadn't done that. Dan knew exactly where Gregory was heading, raising his flat hands as if he was being arrested but smiling as he did it.

Dan: ''Alright Alright. I'll get myself checked later on. I've been busy for two years. Look, me at the Chinese Wall. And here, at the Eiffel Tower. I'll have my camera until the day I die.''

Dan showed two pictures, but they were almost identical. Just Dan's big face on it. Gregory grinned. It was funny, and he was sure Dan had more of that coming. They looked each other in the eyes..

Gregory: ''I did miss you man.''

Dan: ''I did miss you too..''

Their lips came closer and closer, but when less then an inch apart, just before they were presumably going to kiss each other, Gregory pulls away with an almost painful expression on his face. He lost. Dan impulsively raised both arms high up in the air and shouted all around the hospital.

Dan: ''Yes! Still King of the Sham-Gays! Woo!''

~~Some Time later that day~~

Gregory: ''Robinson take my patients for me. Me and Dan need to pay some stuff for my birthday.''

Robinson: Sir, I'd have too many patients, and particularly one is in a dangerous state! ..Dan?

Gregory: ''Believe me, he's not gonna die in 30 minutes. Just do it rookie, get on with it. And yeah,..Dan! Who else, Santa Claus?''

Robinson walked away frowning and Gregory looked around. No Dan. Well until he saw him standing behind a counter, pretending to be a janitor. Gregory and Dan laughed and were off. There were some complications. His wife had arranged some sort of amusement clown, but it got arrested by the police. Gregory was going to see if he could do something, even if he didn't want anything to do with his own birthday. If it was up to him, he wouldn't even go.

Half an hour later, Gregory returns to the hospital, and pages Robinson that he takes over his shifts again. 10 minutes later, Mike comes in, and Gregory instantly noticed he wasn't happy.

Robinson: ''Sir...the patient...cardiac arrest after 20 minutes. We tried all we could but we couldn't do anything for him..''

Gregory was dumbfounded. He looked around for a bit before muttering that it was impossible that the patient had died. It shouldn't have happened. Robinson stepped away, back to tending to his duties. Dan rejoins as it seemed Gregory was first telling him it was impossible, then blaming it on the rookie. He was denying that it could be his fault. It couldn't be. And he was gonna show it. Denial seemed to change him immediately, blocking his eyes of a clear view. The death had a big impact on him.

Gregory: ''Must have been the rookie. It was his fault. Must have been.''

Dan: ''You heard the kid. He was swamped with your patients. He couldn't be with all of them.''

Gregory looked at Dan who instantly says ''Ok, his fault.'' and they turn around. Gregory pages Mike again and tells him that he was going to take over all Mike's patients and show him how it is done. Gregory used various words to notify the intern of it, but none of them were very friendly. Mike was deeply hurt, and without saying a word, he walks away, making fast paces.

~~The Day~~

Dan: '..'What ran over you?''

Gregory: ''What are you doing here? I'm working.. Aren't you supposed to tend to the birthday I am not going to?''

Dan leaps on a counter and sits on it, making Gregory think he was going to make a scene in the hospital. He was talking to Gregory though, the Ceasar of Sarcasm, so most people should naturally ignore it and continue their daily routines. With fitting motions, as if he pulls Gregory's brain out of his forehead, Dan talks.

Dan: ''Listen up. I am now pulling this little stressing paranoid mind thing out of you and I am putting it in my chest pocket. There. Now you can come... You've been up for 60 hours straight, doing nothing but drinking coffee, helping patients and giving orders. Just let the stress thing in my pocket, and release it. Leave your patients to the other nine thousand doctors.''

Gregory: ''I'm the only capable one. You see, 60 hours, but no dead patient. If I leave, people die.''

Dan puts on a face hat was supposed to look like some sort of Darth Vader, and doing a horrible yet funny attempt at the same voice, Dan quotes Gregory.

Dan: ''If I leave, people die...''

Gregory smiles for the first time in 60 hours and gives in. He follows Dan and wants to walk straight to his birthday. They had planned it near some sort of park or anything. Not that he cared but it was close. They haven't even set more then ten paces as Dan turns around and raies his hand in front of Gregory, barring the way.

Dan: ''..There a catch though my friend. I want you to forgive this Robinson kid.''

Gregory rolled his eyes, saying ''..Alright.'' after a few seconds. If Dan wanted him to do it that badly, he would. He had gone a bit overboard in his behavior, but only a bit in his own regard. He went to the canteen and spotted Robinson immediately. He still hadn't recovered from this emotional hit. It was as clear as crystal as he was alone, not talking, just looked at the empty table. Not even lunch adorned the table's surface. Gregory walked up to him after getting a big cup of the most deluxe coffee, with cream and sprinkles and everything. What wonders a vending machine could do. As Gregory came closed, Robinson saw him, but he didn't respond. Not even the usual ''Sir''. Gregory started the talking this time.

Gregory: ''Listen up. I'm sorry. I forgive you for the death, it wasn't your fault...''

Robinson instantly seemed to cheer up a bit, and Gregory put the cup in front of Robinson.

Gregory: ''I thought that was what you wanted to hear.''

Gregory walked off, seeing Robinson was realizing it all, and a smile formed on his face. Gregory didn't want the mushy stuff so it was totally his style to do it like this. Robinson understood the message, and that was all that mattered.

Dan: ''Good. Let's go..We need to get you dressed up. That doctor coat ain't gonna do it for you.''

~~A long walk later~~

Gregory: ''Why aren't you dressed?''

Dan: ''What? I'm wearing pants aren't I?''

Gregory had dressed himself in his best black suit. If he was convinced to go to this damn party, then he would at least look good in between all those moronic people he hardly ever met. Dan was still in his usual beige pants and shirt with brown jacket and belt.

Dan: ''There's one last catch now that we are here. I want you to forgive.. yourself.''

Gregory frowned. He never though Dan would get serious a few steps away from his birthday. It was great seeing him but this was getting weirder by the minute. Dan was right though. Gregory had not only been hard on his rookie, but also on himself.

Gregory: ''Alright... Done. Wonder why you haven't brought your camera. Come to think of it, you haven't had it since I got pissed at Robinson, you know, the death of the patient. Aren't you going to.. take pictures like always?''
Robinson: ...Pictures of what sir?

Gregory turned around as Robinson stood there. He had also followed him, also dressed like a real gentlemen in a black suit. He stood there, silent, watching Gregory's every move. Gregory laughed as he replied to Robinson's obvious question.

Gregory: ''What do you think half-pint? Pictures of kids stuffing their faces with chocolate pie, a clown making fun of himself, balloons, laughing people.''

Robinson hesitated, looking very delicate and troubled, away from the doctor. He didn't know how to put it, but there was only one way he could. He took a breath and talked in a soft but clear voice, looking questioning at Gregory.

Robinson: ''Sir...where do you think we are going?''

Gregory turned around again. No Dan. No birthday at the park. It wasn't a park to begin with. There were trees and there were leaves and some grass, but it was no park. Tombstones stood between leaf-covered ground. It wasn't noisy like a park. It was silent, completely silent.

It all came together, as both Gregory and Robinson walked up to the front row of seats in silence and sat down. A coffin stood there, with floral decorations. The seats filled up, with Gregory's wife sitting next to him on one side, and both his boss and Robinson on the other side, and much more behind them. Gregory looked at the coffin. The patient...was Dan. He had died that day.

Hands stretched out...his wife took him by his arm. She knew very well that her brother had been a sparkle in Gregory's life. Gregory was strong, but even strong men need some help from friends at time. Robinson looked at him. Gregory kept staring at the coffin, with Dan's smiling black and white picture on top. Tears appeared in Gregory's eyes...


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PostSubject: Re: ''A Russian Screw Up''   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:39 am

Explanation: This post is something I couldn't resist to make after seeing episode 60 of Scrubs. The title of that episode is ''My Screw Up'' and it is the last one featuring a guest role for Brendan Fraser (yeah the Mummy-dude). The episode is a tribute to The Sixth Sense.

The episode is brilliant, one of their best, and I can only encourage everyone to watch it. Scrubs for me was fun to watch, but this one was very touching, especially in the end. The details and the plot is remarkable, and for that, I salute with a story of my own.

I hope you enjoy reading it, I spent quite some time on it. Comments are appreciated, since It can always be better..

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PostSubject: Re: ''A Russian Screw Up''   Sun May 02, 2010 5:50 am

I thought that it was great. Very Happy . If you want, i can move this thread to the 'archives" forum thing for you? this story doesn't seen to belong anywhere else. what do you think?


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PostSubject: Re: ''A Russian Screw Up''   

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''A Russian Screw Up''
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