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 Stalking the prey. (Open)

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Codename: Shrapnel, or Shrap
Sex: Male
Allegiance : Resistance

PostSubject: Stalking the prey. (Open)   Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:11 am

(Have not posted in such a long time Razz)

Shrapnel has been stalking this high-ranking government officer. For 72 hours, following, watching, stalking...
Shrap knew one of his many habits were to get out of the Ranch house and stretch, and smell the crisp clean air, free of pollution. Shrap liked this guy's habits. He also counted his guards, watched their strategies, he knew every single one like a best friend. His skin was raw from touching the dirt and high grass too long. Shrap needed to get closer for a more accurate shot. The wind blew from the south, making the high grass move in the direction of the house. Perfect for Shrap to move. He moved one inch every 20 minutes. He followed the wind, he was part of the grass. Guarding the officer, was 45 non-super armed troopers, most likely veterans of a sort. There were around 10 Supers, he was not sure of them. There were also two APC armored transports, they used 25MM Sabot automatic cannons. Highly dangerous...If they can see you. Shrapnel moved a total of 12 Inches, good enough. He was about a 3/4ths of a mile away from the house on a hill with tall grass and scattered trees. He took his position, and readied his shot, he had a flash suppressor. He also had the biggest and longest barrel he had on the gun, he also had a muzzle break in his pocket, if he needed extra power.

The government officer stepped outside of his door and stretched. He then took a long inhale. Around 3/4ths of a mile away. Shrapnel exhaled, he had mounted on a tree, keeping his breath in check, and his heart rate in check. He squeezed the trigger, a jolt of recoil shook his body right when the wind increased, the sharp crack of the rifle was heard all throughout the area. It also echoed, making it harder to figure out where the shot had come from. The grass the shook from the recoil seemed like it was being shaken by normal grass. Shrapnel dismounted and crept back into the grass. He began to crawl away.
"Damn, A Guv patrol..." Shrapnel whispered. They had heard the shot clearly and was advancing on his position. Shrapnel lay there still, hoping they would not notice him.

(Can someone be in the patrol?)
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Location : Your worst nightmare

Codename: Siren
Sex: Female
Allegiance : Super soldier

PostSubject: Re: Stalking the prey. (Open)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:17 am

Kasey was leaning against the wall of the building, idly skimming through the minds of people around her. She didn't use her powers, she just liked the warm feeling she got when she brushed the essence of another. Anyways, if all the soldiers and guards standing around her suddenly fell to the ground unconscious t wouldn't be that hard to figure out why.

KC didn't even know why she had to be here. Sure this guy was some senior official or something, but why the personal army? More importantly, why was she part of this army? Kasey was an assassin and intelligence gatherer. She didn't do guard duty. Ever.

Kase sighed with boredom as the object of her consternation finally emerged from his home, deciding to stop and stretch. It was as though he was trying to piss her off.

Christ, if some Resistance fighter doesn't take this guy out, i will.

It seems the powers that be were listening, for no sooner than Kasey finished that thought did a shot ring out across the valley.

huh, how convenient.

KC grinned and leapt into action.

"Lets go boys!" She called, leaping onto the ladder leading to the top of the nearest transport truck. From here she could talk directly to the driver through his window.

Soldiers were already piled up in the back so the driver took of at KC's words.

Kasey for her part had thrown her mind outwards, her eyes gleaming at the thought of a hunt. Since she was not employing her powers she could throw the probing further, to almost a kilometer away. It was then that she felt a presence on the outer edge of her questing field.

"Keep your heading, the sniper should be up ahead." She yelled to the driver over the noise of the wind.

KC wasn't sure whether her powers would work on the guy they were chasing, they were too still far away for her to try.

Soon find out though

((I have no idea if you're going to see this or reply considering it was so long ago now but it cant hurt to try now can it? Razz))
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Posts : 48
Join date : 2009-11-14

Codename: Shrapnel, or Shrap
Sex: Male
Allegiance : Resistance

PostSubject: Re: Stalking the prey. (Open)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:40 am

Shrap was humming the Mario song quietly, he knew there were supers who could hear very far distances. He planted three four pound camouflaged C4 charges in a triangle shape. He continued to slowly crawl along, he just noticed that the wind began to pick up, so he picked up the pace as well.
Almost to the forest...Bah, took me days to get here, now its gonna take me days to get out. He thought.
He put on a silencer and took out his pistol just in case. He slowly moved out of the blast zone and readied his explosives, again, humming the mario tune quietly. He slowly moved backwards in his prone position.
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PostSubject: Re: Stalking the prey. (Open)   

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Stalking the prey. (Open)
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