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 A Bohemian Intermezzo

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PostSubject: A Bohemian Intermezzo   Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:13 am

Shadows...Stirring of a crowd...And of the sudden, a click and one big spotlight aims towards a stage and a huge red curtain. The curtain slides away, showing a darkened stage. The spotlight searches and finds a piano. The light dims a bit but widens, showing a man sitting there, none other the Gregory Karkarov. He begins to play the piano in a fairly recognizable rhythm, copying The Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. And to the surprise of the now clapping audience, Gregory sings, not only without accent but without peer in a clear and sound voice. He looked like Ray Charles, as black glasses covered his blind eyes. He had no problem playing the piano though, and smiled heavily as he did it.

''Is the the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Born in a lablight
No escape from insanity...

Open my eyes
look up to my side and see...
Explosions and some detonations
Cause they easy come easy go
Really high never low
Everywhere the wind blows
Doesn't really matter to me...to me...''

A second spotlight shows itself, and under heavy applause, starts moving to the same stage as Gregory was, but more to the right, with Gregory being on the left. A silhouette of a huge man showed, as he stepped into the light, having a really old microphone with him. He was none other then the Juggernaut, and he was going to sing his part wit ha low heavy voice, suiting him. Jackson was dressed in a black tuxedo, making him look fabulous but maybe even bigger then normally. Gregory kept playing the tune as Jackson kicked in..

''Emma...I killed a man
Put my gun against his head
Pulled the trigger now he's dead
Emma...Our lives have just begon
Just made sure he wasn't gonna take it all away...

Didn't mean to make a mess
I just couldn't let him go away
Carry on carry on as if nothing really happened...''

Jackson slowly walked backwards as he seemed to grab an instrument. And what instrument it was. It was a customized electric guitar, black and red suiting Jackson's Tuxedo and his rough personal style some. The crowd, with probably Emma in it, was amazed at these men singing their stories like this, but they knew the finale was upon them. Jackson nodded to Gregory, and both stopped...and kicked back in simultaneously, skipping the song to the faster part.

A shock of suspicion was launched as a third and final light showed itself and moved to the right of the stage...Jackson nodded and the light reached none other then Tenguzaemon Naga, dressed in his formal shogun outfit. Eyebrows were raised, but Tenguzaemon denied it and sang his part, looking at Juggernaut.

''So you think you can deny me and fight all the time
So youthink you can become strong and leave me to die
Oh, Jacky, you can't so this to me Jacky
I'll kick your ass, I'll kick your ass ninja-style!''

Juggernaut grinned and Tenguzaemon blinked as he gave Juggernaut the permission to kick it off, with Juggernaut nailing the famous guitar solo, getting everyone in the audience on their feet as colorful lights were ignited everywhere, dazzling the scene. When he was done, he layed his guitar behind him and both him and Tenguzaemon walked to the piano, close to Gregory, all singing a few final lines...

...Insanity really matters......But Gregory cannot see...
...Power really matters...
...Emma really matters....to me..

Anywhere the genesis blows...

Gregory finished the song with some last notes, and during a crowd that gave a standing ovation, with roses being thrown on stage, all three men line up, and bow, while the curtains slowly close...

[[If wanted yes you may RP a little in this thread. Was just a hommage to my characters, and a bit semi-out ofcharacter fun]]
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A Bohemian Intermezzo
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