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 Ashley thrustan(And victoria. Read on to see more)

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PostSubject: Ashley thrustan(And victoria. Read on to see more)   Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:15 am

Ashley thurstan

Nickname/ Codename:



Council of 12

Face claim:
Photobucket picture

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc:
She has the basic increased strength and speed like everyone else. However her other power is more of a mental advanted then a physical one. Her mental is litterlty split into two. And this power is so great that unless someone has an insane mind power they will also see two people as well. This other personality is able to move around at will seeing the battlefield and the surronds as well as hearing it. The only sense it does not have is the physical senses which it cannot do. However this power obviously has a backdrop. If she see's and hears too much at the same itme she can become crippled and in pain. For example if both personalities heard and explison it could easliy deafen them both for a brief period of time where it would only temporally annoy the others.

History/Description: (3 paragraphs. Details are good!)
Ashley was born in a small town a ways away from the high school that she was in with the other twelve. She had a nice first 10 years of her life. However her parents were killed when a robbery was intruded on by her parents and they were killed. It was then decided that she should be sent to her grandparents house where the other twelve lived.

However when she moved there she kept to herself most of the time. She was a lesbian and she was worried about coming out to the family. This started what would be spread as her power. She devoupled two personalities. One she called ashley her own name. This was the one she used while she was out in public and other places. It was a normal stright girl that everyone could love. However when she was at home in the saftey of her house she turned into Victoria. This girl was not afraid of people online and on the phone knowing that she was a lesbian. This proceed until she turned 17 when she accepted that she was lesbian and came out.

She was taken with the other students when judah decided to give the shot vacine to the whole school. She was given it in the arm where at first nothing happened. However soon people swore that they started to see two people in the cell that she was in. Ashley was suprised to see that if she sent her other personality out of the cell she could see and hear out of it. At first this was too muchf or her, Sending her into sensory overdrive. However she continued to work with it and soon became skilled in seperating what she saw, and what "Victoria" saw. When the other 11 members of the council decided to plan their escape ashley suprised them all by helping her, Previously staying by herself.


(AShley)Her hair is dark red and it runs down deep running about to the middle of the back at it's longest. She is almost always seen wearing a dark white shirt that has a black cross in the niddle of it the lines going down running along her left breast. Her pants are dark blue and she wears a normal pair of blue pants. She usually forgets to put on socks and she has basic tennis shoes.

Victoria: Her hair is the same color as ashley and it runs down to the same length as well. She has on a dark black necklace that wraps around her neck like a chocker. She wears a long white sleeved t and a black shirt similar to ashleys over it. Her pants are darker, a purple color. Her shoes are basic tennis shoes once again.

Personality: (In depth. Don't just say they're a very happy person.)
Her personality is varied due to the issues with her mind. She has litterly two personalities, both of which can be out at the same time due to her power. The first personality lets just say for sakes will be called Ashley. It will be her main personality. Ashley is very upbeat. She is willing to help out most people as long as they don't side with judah and the governemtn. She is also more rash then her other "Her" She will generally jump to decisions about people and it takes awile to get her to change her mind.

Other one: victoria is the her that does not exist technicly. (Yes due to her power and her own mind she does exist but she has no mass or matter in her. She is basicly a ghoest. you can walk through her easily). She is much more depressing then ashley is. If a situation looks bleak she will not resist telling ashley about it. But she is also much more calculating. In other words she is smarter in "battle" She runs around using her ability to help Ashley see the whole battle field.

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PostSubject: Re: Ashley thrustan(And victoria. Read on to see more)   Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:30 am

As Emma is in the council of twelve i will leave you application to her. You look good to me but she will make the final desicion. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Ashley thrustan(And victoria. Read on to see more)   Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:02 am

Great app and character! Looking froward to rping with her Very Happy

Welcome to the forum.


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PostSubject: Re: Ashley thrustan(And victoria. Read on to see more)   

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Ashley thrustan(And victoria. Read on to see more)
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