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PostSubject: Application template   Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:56 am

Please use this template when applying officially for a character (canon or original). Just so your character has a bit more depth.
When applying please start a new topic in this section of the Application center NOT in the approved sub forum. Smile


Nickname/ Codename:



Affinity: (Resistance fighter, government agent, super soldier, Council of 12, etc)

Face claim: ~look here if you dont know what this is~

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc: (At least 5 lines, or 2 paragraphs. Try to add at least one weakness.)

History/Description: (3 paragraphs. Details are good!)

Uniform/Appearance: (Again details please.)

Personality: (In depth. Don't just say they're a very happy person.)

Codeword: (if you dont know what this is you shouldn't be applying yet.)
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Application template
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