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 The Board of Advisers

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PostSubject: The Board of Advisers   Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:38 am

Board of Advisers
These guys are basically the evil version of the Council of 12. it is made up of the most powerful men in the country.

Judah Marshall - The dictator.

Judah is the corrupt dictator of the land. He was the one who had the idea to turn the people who tested positive to the Genesis gene into super soldiers. It is also him who decided to put the activation of peoples Genesis gene into mass production. His dictatorship has more numbers but the Resistance has more support. This angers him to no end and Judah will stop at nothing to crush the 12 young kids threatening his rule. Judah has no powers himself though. He doesn't need them, he has a whole army of supers at his disposal.

Ben Hall - Head of the Genesis Project

Hall was once a soldier for Marshall but he got injured way back when and had to retire early. Hall was a close friend of Marshall so Marshall ensured Hall got a stable job. incidentally this happened to be as head of the Genesis project because Hall was also highly qualified in the scientific field. He was the perfect man for the job.
Powers (if any), face claim, what exactly the injury was, looks, special other, etc are up to you.

Warren Fortaleza - Personal body guard to Marshall and head of Marshall's security forces

Warren is a tall, big and silent man. He is Marshall's personal body guard and never leaves the guys side (hence why he is on the Board). Warren is also in charge of the rather large security force that protects Marshall. (Imagine the American presidents force. then triple it.)
Powers (something strong and good for defending), face claim, looks, special other, etc are up to you.

Harlan Brown - Commanding officer for the super soldiers.

Brown is the most imposing man you will ever meet. none can look him in the eye, and definitely none can willingly question his orders in front of him. It is his job to train the super soldiers, organize attacks, and generally keep everyone in line - meaning limit the number of soldiers that convert to the Resistance.
Powers (could be intimidation or something super powerful - not unbeatable though), face claim, looks, special other, etc are up to you.

Naomi Stevenson - Head scientist of the Genesis project (Answerable to Hall then Marshall.)

Is literally a genius. She experimented on herself when she first created the Genesis activation drug. The drug enhanced her intellect to astronomical proportions. Einstein looked like a bumbling idiot next to her. Naomi, although she is a genius, is also rather cruel. She relishes in the war she has created with her simple little shot. She is definitely not someone you want to mess with. One Resistance fighter captured her once. She asked for an apple and somehow she managed to turn it into a transporter device to get her out of there. She then rigged it to explode once she was gone, killing the resistance fighter.
Face claim, looks, special other, etc are up to you.

Callum Reilly - Head of The Government.

Reilly is the top dog of the many law enforcement agencies. when the Resistance emerged the agencies merged together into one and dubbed themselves "The Government" and Reilly is in charge. The agents of The Government are human but are especially trained to take on supers. The agents make up about half of Marshall's army.
Powers (if any), face claim, looks, special other, etc are up to you.

If you wish to apply for any of these character please post the name of the character you want below. also post your name and the date you applied. eg.

I ()your name here)) wish to apply for ((character name here)). The date is ((date goes here)). Thank you.

You will have 7 days to send in your ~official application~ during which time the character requested shall be reserved. After the 7 days the character is back on the market so dont be late or you might miss your chance! Wink

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The Board of Advisers
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