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 Victor Key (Ventus)

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PostSubject: Victor Key (Ventus)   Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:39 am

Name: Victor Key

Codename: Ventus

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Affinity: He does not have an affinty but does suport the resictance and ocasionally fights with them.

Face claim: Ikki from Air Gear

Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Ventus has the ability to control air. He can fly on wind currents, create protective aura around him or someone else, use the wind to bring him faraway sounds or create an area of silence. Offensively, he can generate intense winds or focused winds capable of slashing at an opponent. He can also fire compressed air into a target's ear, disrupting their sense of balance. He can create great winds or twisters to move a target. He can also the air from the targeted person making him/her unable to breath. He is also highly trained in hand to hand combet.

Ventus recently discovered the ability to make his body turn into wind. Making him invisible and untouchable. He can only stay in this form for a short period of time (About 1 medium sized post). This ability of his does not work 100% of the time so Ventus doesn’t do this very often but it is usually a last resort.

Has for weapons, He can create weapons out of air and compress them. He usually make swords, war hammers, and chain whips. These weapons are temporary and can not be stolen. They can however be used by another person if Ventus allows it. But just in case his powers stop working he always has a desert eagle attached to his belt.

Weaknesses: Ventus' power takes up a lot of his energy. If he uses them to much or after he turns into wind they shut off for a while before he can recharge (about 4 medium sized post). If he does use his powers a to much and for to long he goes unconscious until his powers recharge (4 medium sized post).

History: Ventus grew up in a good neighborhood and live with his parents and his younger brother happily until he turned 13 and the test were initiated. Him and his brother were tested for the genesis gene. His brother was lucky enough to not have it but Ventus on the other hand did.

He received the shot and was sent off to the training camps assuming he had powers. He was trained with the same obstacles that other supers did. Except he had a little more trouble with them. It was obvious why, The others had powers and he didn't...yet. He continued to train with out his powers for a year until he finally gained control.

A year and a half of training went by and Ventus was kind of getting tiered of this game. He was walking thru one of the halls one day and he heard two of the guards talking about something. He couldn't quite figure out what it was so he used his powers to bring the sound to him. They were talking about a resistance against the camps, the test, the shots, everything. He wanted to escape from all of this.

He spent days wishing to be freed from this place, nothing ever happened. He decided to take matters into his own hands and try to break out. He snuk out of his room at midnight and went thru the halls and over to one of the back doors that he saw. He was using his powers to hear if anyone was coming. The good thing was no one was coming the bad news is some one was already there. A few guards and they were coming back inside from their guard duties.

Ventus quickly pressed up against the wall to make him less notice able. He wished that the guards wouldn't see him. Turns out that wish came true. The guards walked right past him and Ventus ran out the door. He flew over the tall stone gates and wasn't noticed by the guards that were on watch. He started flying to a near by city which was 100,000 miles away.

When he got there he walked into a small cafe and went into the bathroom. He looked in a mirror and couldn't see his reflection. He was gone He looked around to see if any one else saw him and nobody looked. He turned back around to the mirror and there he was. That is when he learned that he could turn invisible. He walked out of the city and to an old warehouse that looked like nobody used it in years. He walked inside and laid down on a bench that was there and fell asleep.

(I would like this warehouse to be my base of operations I will make a thread for it once I am accepted.)

Uniform/Appearance: Ventus has short black hair that stands up by its self. He sky blue eyes that turn gray when he uses his powers. Ventus usually wears a black and white jacket, white shirt and black jeans. (sorry for the short description. )

Personality: Ventus is a cool guy to hang out with and always trying to be funny (even if he isn't). He will do anything if it makes people laugh (usually him) even if it requires hurting him or some one else(again usually him). He is a free spirited kind of person and doesn't care if people like him or not. Because all that matters is what he thinks of himself.
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Victor Key (Ventus)
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