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 Jackson O'Neil (Juggernaut)

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Codename: Juggernaut
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PostSubject: Jackson O'Neil (Juggernaut)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:51 am

Name: Jackson O'Neil

Nickname/ Codename: Juggernaut

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Affinity: Resistance fighter

Face claim: Reaper of Team Ronin (Unreal Tournament 3)

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc:

The Genesis Shot gave Jackson muscle capacity that went above any scale of human levels. The limitations of his body were stretched, giving him the ability to strengthen his muscles even more without getting much bigger. He would use it to carry his huge main weapon, a Minigun, and to be able to wear ultra-thick armor which would crush the bodies of normal humans. In case the Minigun is too imperfect, a M16 is on Jackson's back to provide some more subtle way or gunfire. Being with the rebels for so long has given Jackson some commanding abilities, but he has trouble combining them with the caring nature and of course, the rage attacks.

The thing that comes with the great physical power however, was something that would cut both ways. Jackson could call upon vast stores of adrenalin and use it to shoot into a blinding rage, tearing at everything in his way. In time, he has learned to master this, but it is a dangerous asset. His most powerful move would destroy buildings by running into them with his thick armor and strong muscles, but he would also become so blind at times that it would take a very familiar person to get him out, or to keep him rom hurting himself, or others. Even if he is stronger and more heavily armored, Jackson is still human, and while he can take some hits, he is not impervious. Whenever he rages, he might not go for strategical points, but simply for the unending destruction of the enemy, not caring if it takes his own life, even moreso, rather his life then anyone else's.


Being one of the Council of 12, Jackson O'Neil was considered possibly one of the most notorious first Supers. He already was a strong brawling man, able to fight till he would fall only to get back up and fight again. The injection made him look and perform like a Super soldier, but it would also be that power that would turn against the Government. In the escape plan, Jackson, now known as Juggernaut, had a special primary objective. He would take point, start the charge, and make as much free way as he could in the escape attempt. And that he certainly did. Juggernaut single handedly leveled half the training facility by running through walls and obstacles. During his rage, it was said that he wouldn't stop. In his blind rage and hatred, Jackson almost attacked allies in his rampage. There was one that fortunately, could stop him. His best friend and someone he, at times, would have very special feelings for, Emma Ashton.

Emma stopped Jackson but did not condemn him, and together, they took ik up together against the enemy with the rest of the 12, not giving them any chance to retaliate. Jackson has been traveling with the rebels ever since, getting them out of tight situations when they need it most, even if that means getting a blind rage on. Most of the rebels remember it fully well when a Government Super had him sinking through the floor like quicksand, trying to blank him out before capturing the others in the night. With a big shout, Jackson said:

''Do you know who I am? I'm the JUGGERNAUT, Bitch!''

And with that, Jackson ravaged through the floor and bashed the ambushing Government Supers out of the way. In the end, every rebel was up and awake, but there were hardly ny opponents left to defeat. Mr ''One Man Army'', The Juggernaut took care of it, so that they would rest, and when he was calm, they would be able to rest quietly.

Uniform/Appearance: Jackson is a big strong sturdy man, and this is seen in his attire too. Scars are seen around his body, and primarily on his face from his many blind rage attacks. He has goggles on his forehead but rarely wears them. Most of the times, he is fully armored, preferring to be carrying a heavy load to keep himself in top shape.

Personality: Juggernaut is one of the most solid individuals in any man's book. He is serene at most times, calm, patient, but he speaks his mind freely, not caring if someone likes it or not. All he ever wants is peace of heart. To him, that probably would mean living peacefully with the girl of his dreams, Emma, and not having to be a wall and a force to fear at the same time. If Emma would ever need him, he would be there, not thinking about himself, protecting her so that what he almost did to her in the past, would not happen in the future. He is a father figure to most of the rebels whenever he is calm, and respected for his abilities, might they be somewhat crude. In Jackson's mind, he would rather die himself protecting others then seeing one teammate hurt, or perhaps dead. He even goes too far in the protecting thing at times, especially against Emma.

Whenever Jackson ignites his rage, he changes completely, not feeling any pain, not hindered by any thought or word. He would run into the front of the enemy gunfire, Minigun blazing, not thinking about tactical advantages, just going for it. During these rages, or just before and after them, it is smart to be somewhat cautious around him, as he would mind some peace of mind, even when his biggest power is to block peace out.
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Jackson O'Neil (Juggernaut)
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