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 Damerae (Cetanu)

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PostSubject: Damerae (Cetanu)   Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:43 pm

First Name: Damerae

Last Name: Unknown

Codename: Cetanu (Tje-ta-noe (Meaning: 'God of Death'))

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Origin: Jamaica

Affinity: Government/Super Soldier

Face claim: None, using non copyrighted picture


Damerae began his life on the island of Jamaica. Up until the age of ten he was quite a normal boy, doing what all the other kids did. Something changed this soon after his tenth birthday, as something spiked his interests in voodoo magics. He began to seclude himself more and more, and focus his life entirely to voodoo. The people around him eventually found out and since voodoo was considered to be a myth since no evidence of it actually working existed, people began to treat him as a lowlife. On school and other community activities he got picked on and life didn't look so bright anymore.

He would show them it wasn't a myth, and once that happened nobody would degrade him anymore. The year he turned eighteen was when this happened, first people were reported as missing, small groups started to disappear and myths started to form amongst the people. They referred to the killer/kidnapper as Cetanu, a god of death who came to punish them. Damerae took a liking to this name and decided to wear it as his own. Very few people now know his real name, although he still uses his first name sometimes. Eventually so many people went missing they sent out a search. The search party found Damerae deep in the local forest, in a gruesome environment riddled with blood and skulls, performing his voodoo magics. They didn't survive long enough to tell the tale and soon after the entire village had gotten revenge for what they did to him. Feeling freed of his chains he then left and set out into the world, searching for places to practise his voodoo.

His journeys took him around the globe, until he heard of this genesis project. He had hoped this project would help him increase his voodoo, but the gods blessed him with more practical things to serve his ways. One of these journeys brought him to Asia, where he worked with a local clan for a while. They treated him good, and he gained a lot from that place. These Naga clansmen are among the few people he refers to as friends.


Beastial features granted by the Genesis shot. Damerae is a born predator thanks to the following skills:

  • Beastial Strength

His strength is greater then that of most humans. He is able to lift people with one arm and remove obstacles to heavy for other humans. His Strength is NOT superhuman, but very few humans can match him.

  • Bestial Agility

His speed and reaction times are greater then that of most humans. Average running speed stands about 30 km/h (~18 mph) while bursts can climb to 50 km/h (~30 mph). The height of his jumps also increased, making him able to jump over obstacles normally blocking a path.

  • Beastial Sight

Eyesight is equal to that of normal humans, apart from the ability to see in a heat vision like mode. Damerae's eyesight is partially thermal and partially normal, or fully thermal. Note that the full thermal vision is only granted through a ritual explained below. In darkness this grants him more vision than normal humans and the ability to spot his enemies in complete darkness. It does impair his normal vision however and in strong sunlight it might blind him to things normally obvious.

  • Cloaking

Damerae has the ability to disappear from sight at his command. This cloaking ability covers his entire body and all his equipment and whatever else he caries at the time. It doesn't grant him 100% of invisibility however as a slight shimmer might occur once in a while and if in close proximity people might seen the outline of his body. Again the brighter an area the easier you spot him.

  • Voodoo Practitioner

Before being granted the genesis shot Damerae already performed a large amount of voodoo rituals. Still honing these skills he now performs rituals prior to battle to help him in the conflict ahead. All rituals he performs grant him a bonus as well as a weakness (or negative effect). Examples of these rituals are as follows:

  • Ritual of Ge-Rouge (Ritual of the Red-Eye)

Grants full thermal vision and removes the ability to see as normal humans do. The more light in an area the harder it is to percieve the area around him, but light diminishes he gets more and more of an advantage. In complete darkness this ritual is at it's full strength, while in strong light this power impairs him so much he can't even see his own body anymore.
  • Ritual of Ghede (Ritual of Healing)

This ritual removes any injury the caster might have taken. The more serious the injury the longer the ritual takes to cost. A single blade slash or bullet to the body only takes a few seconds to get rid of (making it useable in battle) while life threatening wounds can take up whole days of work. This ability is useable on others and if he's the one almost losing his life he can't perform the ritual as you can imagine he wouldn't be in a state to be wandering around all day.
  • Ritual of Ogoun (Ritual of Strength)

A Strength increasing voodoo ritual. This ritual gives Damerae better close combat abilities, i.e. Increased Strength/Hardening/Burst speed, while it lowers some of his stealth skills. His cloaking ability covers less then it normally does, making it easier to spot him. His speed might suffer and his mind might lose focus faster. This ritual takes a while to cast, so it can only be used prior to battle.
*Note that all rituals need ingredients, be it herbs or branches to blood and bones. None of the rituals are offensive, they only grant positive/negative effects to himself. These are but a few of his rituals but all will be set up in this matter.

  • Voodoo Hunger

Not really an ability, but something that drives his motives. Damerae always feels the need to gather more ingredients for his voodoo magic. This counts double for human skulls (More on this later).


While his abilities already give him an edge in close combat, his weapons focus on these even more. He caries two wristblade containers on his wrists (where else?). These containers each contain two identical wristblades that are fully retractable. When extended these extend his arms by a hand's length.

A ritual dagger is sheathed on his ankle. He uses this dagger for gathering his ingredients, be it from fallen enemies to a bush in the park. It can also be used as a last resort weapon, but it is not the purpose of this weapon to be used in combat. This weapon comes from a date before he got the genesis shot, for him it's almost holy.

Damerae's only ranged weapon is some sort of blade shuriken. The disc is held like a bowling ball, and when thrown this shuriken will extend it's blades for maximum effect. The disc is a bit smaller then a frisbee and has a couple of holes in it to position your fingers in. This disc will return to it's wielder like a boomerang, whatever his position may be. If an obstacle is in the way this disc will simply keep bouncing on it untill it finds a way back to it's wielder, it will not move around.


Facial Picture

Features loads of dreadlocks with several metallic/cloth decorations, occasional ritualistic face paint and ornaments, blood red eyes and no facial hair. The dreadlocks cover most of his face, and the facepaint isn't helping on the friendly part either.


Ignore the outfit on the picture above. Combat Picture

Wears a black t-shirt with along with a fishnet like net. This net covers his enitre chest and arms and is tighly worn on top of his t-shirt. His arms are mostly uncovered by clothing, apart from the net and he wields his wristblades on both his wrists. The t-shirt has several holes and scratches in it, as he has been through quite a bit of battle. Both his shoulders are covered by cloth shouldersguards reinforced with metal and leather. His legs are covered by a black pants, reaching just below his knees leaving the rest uncovered. On one of his bared ankles he wears his dagger sheath. He wears low cut shoes or none at all, along with small shin guards.

In battle he wears a metal mask to decrease the amount of light coming into his eyes and to strike fear into his enemies. His lust for skulls shows, as he caries quite a few on his armor. Be it on his waist, hanging from strings attatched to his clothing or nested in his clothing.


Being from Jamaica he has a rather heavy accent when speaking in any language. Uses quite a few words that might leave others guessing at what he's really talking about.

Lacks a liking towards humans, rather seeing them as tools for his voodoo, that is if they happen to have a rather nice quality skull. Damerae occasionally hunts people where this is not the case, which he treats as a sport. So in a sense he hunts both groups, one for his voodoo, the other for his own amusement. He only kills those who seem to cause no trouble for him, not taking out anyone on the side he works for if it would cause a mess or get him kicked out. He has no trouble with taking out friendlies if this is not the case though. If one of his targets somehow gets away he'll stop at nothing to find them and try to assassinate them again, sometimes stalking them for days before showing up again.

If that's the case, or your one of those special people he does like, you'll find yourself in the presence of a unique person. Damerae has a very twisted sense of humor, his morals raise quite a few questions and he's as likely to stab a friend as he stabs an enemy. If you value your life, never put to much trust in this man and always question his actions. Very few people make it onto his friend's list, but the ones who do at least get the comfort of knowing he won't stab them in their back without them knowing. Calling these people 'Bredah's' (Brothers) and having to performing a blood bond ritual before he considers them so are hints towards him being friendly with you. He doesn't like taking orders, unless they mean more hunting or stalking.

Damerae enjoys killing and battle and will never back down from a fight. Win or die. He occasionally performs his rituals, either on himself or his 'friends' and enjoys being alone. If in the presence of other people he is quite capable of civilized communication, as long as you understand him.

While some people collect stamps or other things, Damerae has developed a trait of collecting skulls, especially the ones he considers 'pretty'. Some of these also serve to further his voodoo magic.

Codeword: [color-orange]EDITED BY ADMIN[/color]

((OOC: That was a big one, hope it's not too long. I wanted to put in an introduction, but I'll leave that for my first posts. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Damerae (Cetanu)   Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:03 am

Great character! And long is never bad around here, the longer the better Smile I am still a little unsure on the powers overall but i'll see how you rp first before asking you to change the awesomeness that is Damerae.

Congrats and looking forward to seeing you on the boards,

xoxo Emma.


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Damerae (Cetanu)
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