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PostSubject: Kasey   Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:51 pm

Name: Kasey (pronounced KC)

Nickname: Kase (like case), Kay, KC, or K

Codename: Siren

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Affinity: Super soldier

Face claim: Summer Glau

Powers/Abilities/Weapons etc:

Kasey is able to control minds. Sort of. It's complicated. It's best if i explain using an example. Imagine there is a battle, 50 or so Resistance fighters are up against Kasey. They dont stand much of a chance. If she wills it, she can invade the minds of every person there without so much as concentrating really. Once she is in your head she distorts reality, creating illusions so vivid that they are more real than reality it's self. She can make you believe you are at home eating a sandwich, or, if she wanted, make you think you were trapped in a tiny box filled with burning acid. Her illusions can make you feel the pain of the acid eating your flesh as though it were really happening. In reality you would not be harmed, but you would be wishing for death. What makes Kasey even more dangerous is the fact that you usually dont know she is using he power until too late, for Kasey has a habit of getting a persons hopes up before she unleashes the full potential of her powers. If you are under the influence of Kasey's power, your body will simply stop, meaning you fall to the ground unconscious. A great bonus if the battle is not going Kasey's way.

Kasey is not invincible though. Very soon after her powers were discovered, a device to negate them was invented, by none other than the Government. They thought she could be too much of a risk if she decided to switch sides. Almost all higher level members of Judah's regime wear something that can be passed for a friendship bracelet. The center strip of leather in these braids has been soaked in rose water. So long as the strip remains fast around their wrist, Kasey can't control them. Likewise, if any part of your body has Rose water, or something that has been soaked in rose water, on it, then you are safe from Kasey's power.

Kasey isn't entirely dependent on her powers though, she is very adept with guns, but still learning when it comes to blades.

Oh, almost forgot, distance is a factor in Kasey's power. If you're more than 400 hundred or so meters away, she usually doesn't bother with you. Unless of cause she or you are asleep. It was some time after the discovery of her main power that the world came to learn about Kasey's secondary power. Whilst asleep Kasey is able to project her thoughts much further than she can whilst awake. It has not been unknown for her to travel to the minds of people in the Resistance whilst they slept and watch their dreams to gain Intel. She is also able to use her power of illusion in dreams as well, trapping a person in nightmares until she sees fit to let them wake. This power is very draining for Kasey however. If she messes with the dreams of the person sleeping in the next room, she'll have a mild headache in the morning. If she were to mess with one of the Council of 12 (which she has done only once in the past) Then she is usually unconscious for a day or two afterward, carrying a splitting headache for a week after that. Also, the longer she has to maintain the dream illusions, the more repercussions for Kasey, ie, she may be asleep for a week instead.

Kasey was a normal child who loved to dance until the day her parents died. She had been 16 at the time. Sent to live with some obscure relative - her grandmothers, step daughters, husbands, sons, cousins, aunt. It was just plain confusing. Kasey didn't feel like she knew the woman at all so she quickly arranged to go to boarding school. There she took on the name Kasey, her real name is now lost in the records, and Kasey prefers it that way. Kasey graduated from high school almost 2 years ago now. She meant to go to college, but Genesis officers approached her then. Kasey's friends took the shot so Kasey joined in too. Big mistake. Her friends didn't gain any powers, but she did. Before Kasey could ask what the hell was going on, she had been transferred to the training camp just outside of the city. Here everything was explained. Another big mistake. Ever since her parents violent death by car crash, leaving Kasey alive in the back seat, Kasey had been growing a creepy affiliation with her more violent and sadistic side. The shot seemed to boost these feelings in her. Kasey jumped at the chance to train and put her powers to use, on one condition, she got to be on the front lines. Naturally Judah's forces were happy for the change in values. Most new recruits had to go through rigorous re-education before they would side with Judah. It was refreshing to see someone who willingly, even enthusiastically, wanted to fight for Judah. From there Kasey went up though the ranks quickly, until it became apparent she was more of a solo fighter. In a battle, usually the troops would be in the first wave, much to Kasey's confusion considering she can cripple an entire army in seconds. Once the first lot of men fell she was usually sent out. Her horrific visions and mental scarring have made her something of a legend, almost equal to that of Alyss, amongst the Resistance. They call her the siren because she innocently draws you in, only to lead you to certain death, or, if you're lucky, agonizing, crippling, unimaginably horrible visions.

Uniform/Appearance: From an early age Kasey had learned to dance, specializing in ballet, Latin dances such as the tango and salsa, and recently, hip hop. As a result she is in great physical form, strong, lean, fast reflexes, perfect balance. She has but one distinguishing mark, that being the belly button piercing with a deep, dark, almost black, blue stone encrusted at the top of the metal. As for her actual looks, Kasey is very memorable. Her half moon face is well defined by her underlying bone structure. This is complemented by her long dark brown hair, patterned with natural darker and lighter highlights. Golden brown eyes and hands that a musician would die for complete the picture. Clothing wise, Kasey is very consistent. She can usually be found in a black zipper vest, a black crop top found underneath, dark, usually ripped jeans with black army boots, and a black leather jacket. Kasey has good reason to be so consistent. If she were to put on a peice of jewllery, or clothing that had been soaked in rosewater then her powers would be useless, something Kasey hates.

Personality: Kasey, formerly a nice, normal teen, has grown into a cold, creepy, bitch. She seems normal enough when you talk to her, smiling in all the right places, laughing, chatting. But beware, you cross her in anyway and your dreams shall be haunting you for the rest of your life. Kasey is vengeful and powerful. Throw a morbid fascination with trying to find newer and better ways to mentally torture a person to the limits of, and then beyond, their sanity and you are majorly screwed. Kasey's whole reason for being now is to work for Judah. She enjoys her work. She likes to make people beg and scream for her to stop, and then keep going. She enjoys pulling the trigger when her gun is pressed up against the head of a man under her spell, torturing him right up until the moment he dies. Dont be fooled by her seemingly normal exterior, this girl is not someone you want to get close to. It will come back to bite you in the ass.


Anything else: Just in case you hadn't figured it out yet, this is Emma on another account. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Kasey   Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:06 am

lol Emma/Kasey. Your application made me laugh.


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PostSubject: Re: Kasey   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:38 am

hmm, not the look i was going for, but now that i re-read it, i'm laughing too Razz


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PostSubject: Re: Kasey   

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