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 The extended plotline

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PostSubject: The extended plotline   Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:17 am

In a setting remarkably similar to the America of modern day reality this rp takes place. Judah Marshall became the country’s Dictator 5 years in the past from when this rp takes place. Initially the citizens loved him. He seemed like a good leader. He built schools, united the many various law enforcement agencies into a single body called the Government so that they could work more efficiently together and deliver better justice. He even invested vast amounts of his own money into a new scientific program to find a cure for cancer, dubbed the Genesis Project.

It was whilst all these events were happening in the world that 12 young students went to high school. The name of the school has never been revealed although it’s bound to be hidden somewhere in the vast volumes of records the Government keeps on everything. Most of the 12 had nothing really to do with each other. They saw each other around the place and that was about it. This all changed 2 years into Judah’s reign.

Under the guise of testing every single one of his citizens for a Gene which supposedly was the cause of cancer, Judah Marshall really was investigating who contained the Genesis Gene. This Gene did not cause cancer. It caused something quite different. Over the past 2 years Judah had been funding the research for the scientists running the Genesis Project so that they could create a serum that activated the Genesis Gene in an individual.

There was a surprisingly large portion of the population that tested positive to the gene so Judah decided it was best to start small with a test group. One location really stood out for him. A local high school had a very high percentage of students who contained the gene.

Judah had over the last year been constructing what the public had been told was a new high tech training facility for the Government agents. In reality, this building was to become the training grounds and prison for the test subjects of the Genesis shot.

Judah changed the course of history on that fateful day when he inoculated the entire population of the high school. Every student was whisked off to the new training camp regardless of whether they showed immediate powers or not. All were immediately put into rigorous training. They were told that they had been chosen to become the first generation of Super soldiers. Those that did not gain any powers from the shot would put their skills to use by becoming a highly trained in ways to fight supers and then been recruited to the Government.

Judah knew he was likely to face opposition to his decision to turn these kids into killing machines against their will. But he really wasn’t bothered by it. He was in absolute control of the country. None could reach him. He had an entire army at his disposal and soon he would have an unstoppable force of supers under his command too. He would be unstoppable. He could concur the world!

However almost from the word go Judah had a bigger threat than he thought. A small force of 12 young teens came together in secret and decided that they would not allow Judah to turn them into weapons against their will. He had to be stopped and it seemed like they were now the only one’s on the planet who could do it.

The 12 were Judah’s top super soldiers. Once they decided that they would escape his training compound, even the combined force of the rest of the student body from their school could not stop them. They escaped and roamed the country, never staying in one place for long in case one of Judah’s super soldiers discovered they had the power to track the 12.

As the group who came to call themselves the Council of 12 formed the beginnings of the Resistance, Judah put the Genesis shot into mass production and inoculation to swell his soldier’s ranks. The Council used their newfound powers to hinder Judah’s progress in every way they could. In the beginning this was limited to raiding the convoys transporting the newly activated supers to the training camp and trying to turn as many of them as they could to their cause. However as time passed and the ranks of both sides swelled, the fighting became more intense and as a result, many supers decided that they didn’t want to be associated with a specific side.

Judah sends every person he inoculates with the shot straight to the training camp as soon as they show signs of developing powers. The Resistance does a raid on practically every convoy taking the new supers to the training camp. The rescued supers have 3 choices, go with Judah, go with the Resistance, or create a new identity for themselves and return to living in the city. Most choose a side, but some don’t and return to the city to hide their powers and try to lead a normal life. It is a rare thing however to find a super who actually succeeds at this plan. Most get caught and taken to the training camps.

To make attacking the Dictatorship’s forces easier, the Resistance has many safe houses scattered throughout the city. To avoid suspicion humans who side with the Resistance run these places. Many a time these safe houses have allowed Resistance fighters to escape situations where they would normally of died.

You face a difficult choice before you. Will you support the resistance and fight for freedom and justice? Or will you help Judah and cherish the promise of safety? Either way, one thing is certain. The war is only just beginning.

Ok guys, ideas and flaws please. You know the drill. However, fair warning, this is my plotline so i will not implement all of your ideas if i don't like them.

Bashing the plotline will result in very nasty consequences for you, so please, keep it civil and polite.

xoxo Emma


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The extended plotline
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